Distributor Case Study

Customer Growth Journey with Patterson Brands


Rich Patterson


5 - 10


Vancouver, BC, Canada





Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Patterson Brands has been serving the Hollywood North, cannabis, event and franchise industries since 2005.

Founder, Rich Patterson shared, “We LOVE using the commonsku platform. I think my top two advantages with commonsku is seeing all our company activity populating in the feed — so we all keep in touch. And the second benefit is just how organized csku makes us — clients constantly comment on how buttoned-down our forms look and how easy it is to navigate Just imagine when our end-user clients get their OWN login portals to commonsku where they can see their entire archived project histories!”

In addition to the software platform, Rich and his team were pleasantly surprised to discover the community feed, events, and education opportunities with commonsku. “I didn’t realize that the community feed would turn into lifetime friends and family through all our socializing. That was a surprise,” added Rich.

When asked what his favorite commonsku event is, Rich shared, “we have tried to attend most of the skucamps and skucon and those have been some of the most fun industry events of my life. This community is the most switched-on, high-achieving bright people I’ve ever met in business — regardless of the industry. That we all happen to work in branded custom merch is just a bonus. The suppliers are true partners — Jim from Numo or Jason from Origaudio are more like friends who you can call with tough challenges. They wanna help!”

Rich’s advice for must attend shows and events in the industry? ASI Chicago, because Chicago. PPAI Vegas because, Vegas. And anything and anywhere there’s a skucon or skucamp!

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