Navigation & Dashboards

commonsku’s in-app navigation is streamlined and role-based to quickly guide your team where they need to go on the platform. This format of navigation helps your team stay focused on the items most important to their role, and make onboarding new team members faster and more seamless.

Streamlined and Role-Based

Role-based dashboards add a layer of intelligence with data-driven smart tiles, and trending metrics at the fingertips of each team member. This information snapshot helps influence behavior and helps team members take action on items most important to their role.

With commonsku’s navigation and dashboards specifically catered to your employee’s roles, you’ll have an easier time assigning goals and mapping progress, while giving your team clear objectives and priorities to guide their work.

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commonsku is an effortless business management platform that empowers you to process more orders and handle more business. Learn more about our Navigation & Dashboards and other game changing features!

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