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Skubot is our mascot. Isn't he cute? He's the face of our company and is used in marketing, help documentation, and on our branded merchandise. Sometimes we like to put hats on him, but really, he shouldn't be manipulated without our permission.


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Download Adobe Illustrator (AI) file (white version)
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The commonsku barcode is our official logo. If you're using it, please keep it intact. If you separate the bars from the word, they get lonely and sometimes cry. Our logo is used on official things like press releases as well as in our marketing and on our swag.

Right click and choose 'Save As' to save this image to your computer.

We're kind of particular about our branding, so if you want to do things like changing the colors on any of these, just drop us a line first at

Oh, and by the way, the word commonsku is always lowercase - yes, even at the beginning of a sentence. But, please don't tell my high school english teacher. He just wouldn't get it.

On The Web

You want as many touches with people as possible. Our social sharing icon gives you an additional place to engage with people in the industry.

This icon is optimized for social media usage. Use it alongside your other social media and sharing buttons - on your webpage or in your printed flyers.

We suggest linking it directly to your personal page or your company page.

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Pro Tip: To get your custom urls, simply navigate to it within commonsku, then copy it from the address bar at the top of your browser and paste it where you need it to go.)

In Email

Email signatures are one of the most overlooked places to communicate with your contacts. Use this graphic to send people to learn more about you on. Hyperlink it directly to your personal profile or company page . If you’re the plain text type of person, simply type the url.

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