Convert more business with beautiful, shareable Presentations

Product Presentations and quotes are your best means of booking orders. Presentations in commonsku make it easy to build attractive proposals that land the order.

Send ideas faster

You're up against shorter and shorter timelines.

Use integrated product databases to find ideas within seconds. Search ESP, SAGE, and DistributorCentral within commonsku. Drag and drop product images onto Presentations and you're done

Deliver your ideas first and close business faster.

Get the approvals you need

Getting approval from the right person at a company can be difficult. commonsku Presentations make it easier.

Here’s how:

  1. You email a Presentation to your contact.
  2. Your contact forwards it to coworkers and bosses.
  3. Everyone reviews and comments in one place.
  4. You get an email when they comment.
  5. You close the order.

Keep your pipeline healthy

Your pipeline is crucial.

commonsku's simple and effective reports give you the information you need to get more out of your pipeline. Stay on top of deals that are falling behind. See which Presentations are converting best.

Get a handle on your business flow and nothing will fall through the cracks.

Put an end to re-typing

Manual retyping eats up time which eats up profit.

One-click order conversions get it back for you.

Turn Presentations into Sales Orders with one simple click.

Now send out some more ideas!