commonsku Shops

Fully-integrated and easy-to-build, commonsku Shops are an effortless way to build the most profitable shop for you!

No complicated inventory. No complicated purchasing methods. A frictionless experience that eliminates communication hassles, complicated ordering, and multiple data entries for a small 2.5% transaction fee on orders.

Shops are an effortless way to build the most profitable shop for you!

  • Easy product selection: No more wading through PDF’s and cumbersome back-and-forth with the customer.
  • Easy to build: Set-up in minutes by anyone, no tech background required, build a presentation and -with a click- you’ve built a shop!
  • Easy to promote: Easily embed in your site, easy to share with customers.
  • Easy control, easy approval: Your client chooses from pre-approved products with pre-approved artwork.
  • Easy to order: Sales orders are created like magic: When a product is ordered in shops, it immediately creates the sales order too, no re-keying!

Marketing Shop

This type of shop is intended to attract new business and is a great way to spark ideas for clients or prospects. Marketing Shops enable you to send out curated ideas. Clients can upload artwork, place the order and this creates a Sales Order for you in commonsku.


  • Embed on your website to use as lead gen
  • Send out a monthly email blast with trending products
  • Build a collection of products to send to your top 100 clients.

Company Shop

These shops are for a single company featuring products that can be produced with supplier minimums and shipped to one location. Organizations love these types of stores because it’s a no-contract option while they retain complete control over the brand and a select group of products offered. It’s the perfect mix between complete control and no obligation. Best part? It’s easy for you to set-up and attracts other buyers within the organization!


  • Your client's head office wants to offer a set of pre-approved products for multiple departments or locations to order.
  • Sales teams that are spread across the US to easily order from a select group of products.
  • Set-up for the HR Department to restock items (welcome kits) when low.
  • For an insurance, finance, or tech company who wants to control the products offered to colleagues.
  • Franchise systems that require complete control over the branding.
Features Marketing Shop Pop-up Shop Company Shop
Minimum quantities enforced
Option to show quantity price breaks
Limited to one client
Option to add additional retail mark-up
User can upload artwork
Sales order created upon checkout
Aggregation of orders into a single sales order
User may enter shipping address
Option to add tax at checkout
Custom checkout questions
Option to enable credit card checkout
Option to create invoice at checkout