Monthly Series for Distributors and Suppliers
Next Meetup May 26, 2021 | 4 pm - 5 pm ET


About skummunity meetups

skummunity meetups are the hivemind experience you need!

We’re taking live interviews featuring insightful and inspirational talks by the most streetwise entrepreneurs and mashing those up with a community hang + micro-learning lab! Bring your team each month to grow together as we share our insights on the topics of sales planning, marketing tactics, and more.

Each month, we’ll interview a special guest and then break into groups to do hands-on learning through a fun mini-workshop. It’s a fast hour shared with smart friends in a co-learning environment that will be a blast of encouragement and tactical takeaways for you in your growth journey. The whole commonsku team will be there plus many of your friends and favorite personalities, come meetup with us!

skummunity meetups are free of charge and all distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry are welcome.

What is the Format?

Each skummunity meetup will be hosted on Zoom from 4 pm - 5 pm ET. You only need to register once to be able to join us for each session.

First 30 min: Discussion with an industry expert

Last 30 min: Break into a group (15 min) and then come back for a group discussion where we share any key insights from the various breakouts (15 min)

Dates and Sessions:

March 24th

Michael Wolaver and
Steve Baker,

Magellan Promotions

Creating Your Sales Playbook

What’s your sales roadmap? Is it written down? Is it a playbook that acts as a working force for your team that helps you stay on target and achieve your goals? In this session with Michael Wolaver and Steve Baker from Magellan Promotions, we’ll explore their sales playbook and growth plan that includes a complete sales engagement plan broken down by audience, a ranking client system, client scorecard, plus, how we can create a sales playbook that both effective and adaptable for you and your team. Join us and walk away with the structure for building your own playbook!

April 21st

Kelli Bernd,

INM Marketing Group

Does Your Marketing Make Sense?

Kelli Bernd, the Director of Marketing at INM Marketing Group is a big believer in the impact of emotional engagement through branded merchandise campaigns. She discovered that these projects take on a fresh boldness with clients when you activate all the senses in your marketing. Join us as we explore Kelli's marketing strategy around engagement, plus a look at some of the tactics that have helped open clients' minds to the power of what we do. You'll walk away with a mini-marketing plan for engaging your clients through the power of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch!

May 26th

Lou and Seth Cysewski,


Building a Brand with Social Purpose

Lou and Seth Cysewski with Coolperx are passionate about social purpose and environmental sustainability, but to Lou and Seth, these aren’t buzzwords to capitalize on, rather, they are core values that are intrinsic to who they are and how they live. In this session with Lou and Seth, we’ll explore what it really means to build a socially conscientious business that adds meaning to the world. We’ll talk about the ways we can make authentic, daily decisions that help us live out our core values and explore how they’ve built an authentic brand by simply living it.

June 23rd

Nesha Logan,

The Village Print Studio

Inspiring Community Through Merch

Does your business plan include connecting your community? It should. Every audience we serve -our clients, our employees, and our local communities- want to connect, to belong. Everyone wants to be a part of a community that shapes their lives and builds their future. Nesha’s Logan of The Village Print Studio is passionate about inspiring black-owned and women-owned businesses to connect deeply with their target audience. In this session with Nesha, we’ll look at ways that we can activate our branded merchandise strategies to build community and create connections within our audiences. Join us as we explore how merchandise inspires belonging and helps us build and bloom!


Michael Wolaver

Magellan Promotions
March 24th, 2021

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I never dreamed that I would start a business, especially one in marketing. Growing up I wanted to be the statistician for the Chicago Cubs or be a lawyer from my fascination with the show LA Law.

I attended Marquette University with the belief that I could study any major I wanted and still could end up at a business. So I switched from the business school to study Political Science and loved my four years. When I graduated, I decided not to work in government but instead found my way into Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, in a purchasing department at their Chicago Armstrong Tools division. When I got married, I moved to Milwaukee and became a purchasing manager for a division of a Fortune 500 company (Leggett & Platt). During my time there I shored up my business knowledge by earning my MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In 2004, I was looking to change careers and took the chance working in sales for a small promotional product company. That company folded in 2005, so I decided to start my own and that is how I came to run Magellan Promotions.

I really enjoy helping organizations find creative and memorable ways to strategically use promotional products to help solve their marketing challenges. I am so proud of the team that we have built through the years and am incredibly proud to be the captain of this ship!

Steve Baker

Magellan Promotions
March 24th, 2021

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A West Allis native and alum of the University of Minnesota, after graduating Steve worked on campus in a number of roles for 10 years and was a client of Magellan Promotions. Everything came full circle when he joined the team over a year ago. Steve utilizes his higher education experience as he works with clients to find engaging and impactful solutions to help them connect with their audiences.

Pre pandemic he enjoyed exploring Chicago–where he currently lives– and traveling. Steve still enjoys watching a Gopher game, trying to cook new dishes, doing at-home workouts, and spending time at the family cabin in Wisconsin.

Kelli Bernd

INM Marketing Group
April 21st, 2021

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Kelli Bernd is the Director of Marketing at INM Marketing Group, a branded solutions agency in Dallas, Texas. She first discovered her passion for promo as president of the Marketing Club during grad school when her group sold licensed collegiate apparel to fund their annual marketing trips. After graduating, she accepted a position with that same promo distributor in their Kansas City office as an inventory buyer for corporate merchandise programs nationwide.

For the past 20 years, Kelli has worn many hats within the branded merchandise world, from program merchandising to key account management and multiple avenues in between. Those experiences have given her very broad knowledge of how the industry functions from many different angles. While her current daily focus includes educational blog posts, social media engagement, curating creative marketing tools, and studying SEO strategies, her somewhat unspoken passion (aside from super cool products) lies in graphic design. She truly believes that creativity involves generating extraordinary out of something otherwise mediocre.

Lou Cysewski

May 26th, 2021

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Lou is an activist and innovative strategist as the Co-founder and CEO of the world’s first and only climate-neutral marketing and merchandise agency, Coolperx. The company was born out of her conviction to transform the corporate gifting industry from a toxic environmental polluter to a conscious connector of people and values.

Lou served as a nurse in the US Army and speaks regularly about her experiences building her business as a woman and a veteran. She has been featured in 425 Business magazine, The Economist, Forbes, and MoneyGeek and has been listed as one of the top 100 trailblazing entrepreneurs of 2021.

She lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter and currently serves on the Board of the Kirkland Arts Center. In her spare time, she loves swimming and playing tennis and has recently begun learning to speak French.

Seth Cysewski

May 26th, 2021

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Seth is an award-winning founder and inventor with 15 years of experience working with consumer products, marketing solutions, and sustainability. He is the Co-founder & COO of Coolperx, and host of the podcast, Scaling Sustainability. After co-founding Coolperx, he created the first embodied carbon accounting index, ClimateCost, for consumer goods categories while launching their Reclaimed Carbon Program which reclaims the carbon of every product Coolperx sells from extraction to end of life. Before Coolperx, he co-founded vSpin, the active wine decanting system (for which he holds two patents). The vSpin, for which Seth partnered with Spiegelau, has been featured on NBC's The Today Show, CBS's The Talk, and was the winner of a 2016 German Design Award.

In his spare time, Seth enjoys skiing, cooking, traveling, and spending time outdoors with his wife and 9-year-old daughter.

Interesting fact: Seth created and brokered the very first corporate The North Face sale with Microsoft for 1500 co-branded jackets for their Game Studies division. Since that time The North Face has gone on to create corporate sales as a core profit center.

Nesha Logan

Village Print Studio
June 23rd, 2021

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Nesha Logan is the founder of The Village Print Studio, a boutique brand merchandising & creative studio helping businesses build community through beautiful, high quality branded merchandise. As a small business owner & independent distributor, Nesha’s goal is to make it easy for Black-owned & women-owned businesses to create, launch & leverage new products that connect deeply with their target audience. Inspired by the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” The Village Print Studio strives to collaborate with business owners & creatives who are working to shift the paradigm through their business endeavors. When she’s not working, you can find Nesha eating tacos, practicing yoga, or spending time with the coolest kid on the planet, her son, Onyx.