Thursday, March 4, 2021
Schedule and Speakers Coming Soon!

What is commonsku University Plus?

Want to become a pro at using commonsku? Are you one of those who uses a few features but you know there’s a lot more to master?

commonsku University Plus is for commonsku users who are serious about becoming pros on the platform. With two focused sessions plus community-led breakout electives for sales reps and owners, your team will learn how to maximize productivity while learning how other pros use commonsku to grow their sales.

The strongest benefit of attending commonsku University Plus is that you get a masterclass level of learning concentrated into a short few hours. Built for teams, it’s a minimum investment and maximum impact!

How is this event different than commonsku University?

We will focus on specific features, discuss strategy and tactics for implementation, and also hear from power users who excel on the platform through breakout electives.

Who should attend from my team?

Anyone on your team who uses commonsku in any capacity! Remember: Cross-training your team, even in areas that are not their expertise, promotes growth!